Jasi Robinson is building bridges in communities

State Senate Democratic Party candidate visits Fujian Federation of General Union and Chinese Chamber of Commerce (Photos)


  [Reporter of the Overseas Chinese News, Yin Yingzi, reported on August 9th in New York] The Democratic candidate, Jasmine Robinson, who is running for the 23rd constituency of Staten Island, went to Huaying to visit the Fujian Federation of the United States and New York China. The General Chamber of Commerce expresses the concept of election and seeks the support of Chinese voters. She said that she opposed the cancellation of the special high school entrance exam (SHSAT) and opposed the rise of the "red apple" incident to racism, splitting African-American and Chinese communities.

  Mayor Bai Sihao’s proposal to cancel SHSAT has been protesting in the Asian community since it was announced in early June. Robinson said that Bai Sihao’s practice of canceling SHSAT on the grounds that the proportion of Hispanic and African-American students is too low is “absurd and ridiculous”. "It's like saying that Hispanic and African-American students are too stupid to test SHSAT, so they can't go to special high school!" Robinson said that SHSAT is a fair benchmark for testing a student's academic ability. The city should be Hispanic and Ethnic minorities such as African descent provide more cram schools and student resources, rather than unsuccessfully canceling SHSAT.


  Robinson said that the incident was an independent incident between merchants and guests, and it should not rise to Chinese and non-governmental incidents caused by Chinese-American and Chinese-American violence and protests caused by the “888 Happiness New Red Apple” Chinese manicure store that has been continuously fermented recently. Ethnic disputes between ethnic groups. She pointed out that African-Americans, like Chinese, belong to ethnic minorities in the United States and are united in order to gain more resources and seek better development.

Yu Guangwu (front row left) welcomes Robinson (second from the left in the front row) to visit the United States to build a federation.  


  Robinson, who grew up on Staten Island, had a lot of Chinese students when he was enrolled in a tutorial school. When he was working in a water street next to Hua Tuo, she learned about Chinese communities and culture. deep. Robinson said that if elected, it will work for immigrant welfare, health insurance, building affordable housing, gun control, and promoting the development of Chinese and African-American communities.

Robinson (third from left) visited the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in New York and expressed his political views with Yu Jinshan (second from left). (Photo by Yin Yingzi)

  Yu Guangwu, chairman of the American Federation of Fujian Federation, said that in the constituency of Robinson's campaign, many Chinese are engaged in small businesses such as restaurants and nails. She is also an African-American candidate who is familiar with the Chinese community. I believe she will become two promoters. A bridge of communication between ethnic groups helps the development of ethnic and immigrant communities. The chief executive of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in New York, Yu Jinshan, pointed out that the Chamber of Commerce has always encouraged Chinese to participate in politics and participate in voting to highlight the political power of Chinese. Robinson’s visit to the Chinese-American community illustrates her emphasis on Chinese voters. He called on more Chinese to actively participate in politics and gain more resources for the community.

  The Robinson constituency with "Jasi4all of us" as the campaign slogan includes the Bensonhurst, the Chinese concentrated place, and the North Shore of the Staten Island, Bay Ridge, Coney Island, etc. The primaries on September 13 challenged the current state of the State of Stanton Island, 23rd District Senator Diane Savino. Currently, Robinson has been endorsed by several organizations including the Working Families Party and the New York Progressive Action Network.

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The True Blue Grassroots Coalition Endorses Jasi Robinson

Jasmine “Jasi” Robinson was born and raised in the Bronx.  In 1996, Jasi relocated to Staten Island after her parents’ divorce.  It was very hard growing up in a single parent household. They did not have much money because her mother was the sole provider. Jasi decided to attend college to have a better and brighter future. She entered the workforce to help with her college expenses.  She attended classes during the day and worked at night. Despite the obstacles, Jasi graduated from the College of Staten Island with a degree in Political Science. After graduation, she became a legal secretary for a law firm.
Her interest in local politics and activism grew when she joined the Staten Island Democratic Association (SIDA) in 2004. Staten Island Democratic Association is the oldest and progressive organization in Staten Island. Through Staten Island Democratic Association, Jasi participated in rallies and protests for national and local social causes. Jasi became the first Afro-Cuban woman to be elected to the executive membership committee. In addition to her membership with Staten Island Democratic Association, Jasi is one of the founding members of Staten Island Women of Color Forum. Staten Island Women of Color Forum is an organization that provides a voice and platform to women of color. Jasi is also a member of Staten Island Women Who March (SIWWM) which is an organization that stands up for the rights of all women. The Women’s March energized these women from different walks of life to join together to form Staten Island Women Who March. She makes sure that is a voice for the Black and Latino community.
Jasi Robinson decided to take her activism to another level by entering the political arena. She recently entered the state senate race for the 23rd district which is some of Staten Island and South Brooklyn. For a newcomer, Jasi gained the endorsement of Working Families Party, NYPAN, Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club, and the True Blue Coalition.  Jasi Robinson joined the other progressive candidates to challenge the Independent Democratic Conference. Jasi Robinson’s platforms are healthcare, immigration, education, criminal justice reform and the environment. She promises to be a strong advocate and voice for all people and communities who need help. 

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